At the heart of Lincolnshire, you’ll find Lincoln – a charming (if steep) city. Our Lincoln day trip fell on a stunning Spring day and we were pleased to find that (excluding the inclines) that it was surprisingly pram friendly.

The first point for Lincoln was that it was one of the few larger places we’ve visited in England where parking was pretty easy. We parked at Lincoln Central Car Park – I’m not sure it was the cheapest place we could park at, but it was a multi-story with decent sized bays which made a nice change! It was slightly disconcerting when I realised that you went up the ramps on the right-hand side and down on the left but, once I noted that (and assuming that people followed the line marking) the car park worked really well, if a bit unconventional in lane directions.

But you didn’t click through to read about car parking, you want to know more about a Lincoln day trip, right?

If you’re looking for quaint buildings, you will find an abundance of these with a Lincoln day trip. There are also plenty of independent shops, cafes and pubs along with the usual chain stores.

To reach the Castle and Cathedral, you need to brace yourself for some serious hill climbing. You’ll start with a walk along with Strait (gentle incline) and then summon up your strength to summit Steep Hill (420 metres at a 1:7 or 14% gradient). The pavements are smooth so if you’re pushing a stroller, it’s doable (I wouldn’t want to try it on the cobblestones). If you’re not fit, you might need a few breaks but there are plenty of shops to catch your eye on the way up. I’d suggest extreme caution on the way up and down if it is wet or icy!

On our Lincoln Day Trip, Mr Dixon exaggerating how much work is needed to push a pram up Steep Hill, Lincoln. By the top of the hill, this way how he felt though!


Mr Dixon exaggerating how much work is needed to push a pram up Steep Hill, Lincoln. By the top of the hill, this way how he felt though!

So, you’ve pushed your pram all that way…now what?

The good news is that the attractions at the top are pretty pram friendly.

We started at Lincoln Castle and bought a combined ticket for the Cathedral. The Castle enclosure is still home to the County Court so you’ll see comings and goings from the charming building at the far end of the precinct. We explored the interesting Prison exhibition in the main castle building. The museum is very accessible with lifts and even flooring.

The castle walls are a little more tricky. A lift takes you up to the walls and without climbing steps, you can view the cathedral side of the castle. If you’re willing to lift your pram up and down some steps, you can progress a fair distance around the walls in an anti-clockwise direction. We didn’t complete a full loop as we were tired (or lazy!) and there were some serious steps on the far side. If we had bought the baby-carrier, there was a buggy parking area at the base of the walls which would have made things easier but we felt we saw enough, even with this limitation.

Having worked up a hunger with all that hill climbing, it was time to find somewhere to eat! We found Curtis of Lincoln on Bailgate – a bakery and butcher combined with tasty, simple options at very fair prices. We enjoyed our lunch in the little courtyard behind the bakery.

Next up was the Cathedral. Neither of us is religious but this building is worth making time for, even just to marvel at man’s efforts to create this place of worship. Very accessible with plenty of ramps so getting around was a breeze.

There was a school event on with several hundred children in the Cathedral. We had a chuckle when the Dean (I think) walked through where the children were assembled and one boy said, in all seriousness, ‘Cool! Look at him, I want his job and to wear an outfit like that.’ The Dean and his off-sider also overheard and had a smile.

There are plenty more formal attractions in the area but we chose to go for a bit of a wander and check out the buildings around the Cathedral before carefully returning down the hill to the town centre.

Overall, we had a terrific Lincoln day trip, made more enjoyable by the relative ease of access for prams.